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Bucketball Bucket ball is used for a variety of skills. My third graders were just finishing up a throwing and catching unit. So we used throwing and catching skills. Later I will do it with kicking skills. Divide the kids by how many games you will be having. I try to integrate math here. Each group then gets a zone marked off by cones. Rotation is by alphabetical order first names on lesson 1 and by last name lesson 2. Integration with language skills. One person is up and throws the ball (I use different balls in each bucket so it isn't so confusing). As soon as the "up" person throws the ball he/she begins to run between the starting spot and the second spot. This person want to run between the two spots as many times as possible before the fielding team can return the ball to the catcher who puts it into the box. If the thrower throws it directly into another zone, the ball is dead and that persons turn is done. If it lands in your own zone and then rolls into the next zone, play continues. Fielders are must stay in your designated out field so the catcher is over dominated by the jock of the class. Rotation: thrower to outfield, catcher to thrower and the next in alphabetical order comes in. I tell them I can not solve problems with many games going on so they must work things out. Most of the time that occurs. Remind fielders that they are to cooperate to get the ball in quickly--not fight over the ball as that slows it down. Lesson 2: After one round of one ball, they get to vote to add a second ball. It is then throw, throw, run. Both balls in bucket to be out. The kids tend to divide up by ability. Some groups this past week got into 4 balls. Lots of action then. Now when I had 4th and 5th I would start them out with more balls. But found that 3rd needed it simply and they increased. One group yesterday was split on adding balls. One of the girls said why not let those who want to throw 2 do that and when you wanted to throw only 1 you could do that. The group agreed and always told before they started to throw how many they were going to throw. This game makes the hard thrower throw accurately. It also forces the quiet ones to become involved in the game they are playing. Go Bucks! Carolyn Good idea to use the times table in scoring. I would say it is a lesson I modified. The original bucket ball called for one game, typical base system, rotation, etc. But I like more action. I have found with 3rd it is best to start with one ball and then add. So in some ways I have modified it quite a bit. I wish I could take sole credit but I can't. The other thing I like about it is how it works on their level of responsiblity since I am not the "official". Good luck.

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