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Everybody   Plays   Kickball  

Everybody Plays Kickball is played in small groups.
1. Instead of 5 v. 5 or larger, it has only 4 or 5 players in a game. 
2. If you have limited space the games may overlap provided you use 
softer objects to kick. 
3. Basically there is 1 kicker, 1pitcher, 1 catcher, and 1 or 2 
4. They change after each kicker/batter using a simple rotation.
5. Kicker to outfield, catcher to kicker, pitcher to catch, outfield to 
6. After kicking the player now runs to the first base as the 
outfielder chases the ball. 
7. The outfielder must now throw to the pitcher and then to the 
catcher to end the at bat.
(Both outfielders need to touch if there are 2)
8. Next kicker/batter repeats the same.  The runner goes to first
and then home again.  
9. Yes only 2 bases.  

    This is one of 2 rules that some have concern about. What about 
2nd and 3rd?  He does not use them, but said if you wanted, you could
use them in a mini diamond to get the basic idea.  
    Second concern, "What about the rules of outs and base running?"
He simply said... "What's you purpose?"  I thought and decided at
our schools we see the students only 28-30 times per year and my 
purpose is to get them active and encourage them to be active on 
their own.  Lead up games are what we do to get our kids ready and 
this sounds like a good one.

Tom Stoddardt(NJ)

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