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"Physical Thinkers"

DIZZY DIRECTIONS: Using symbols to control classes as an alternative to the whistle.
Jog Your Memories: An activity to help students get to know each other better.

Sport-Type lead up games

Fantasy Basketball:Cathy Beam (Yardley,PA): A FUN basketball lead up activity.
Super Goal Soccer: A fun cooperative multi-goal soccer game.
Body Base Ball: A cooperative, critical thinking "base" ball game for carrying objects.
Bucketball: A fun basketball lead up.Carolyn Nelson(OH)
Super Flag Football: A modified version of flag football, that is great fun.
Everybody Plays Kickball: Micro kickball game where everyone gets lots of ACTION!! Tom Stoddart(NJ)

Warm Ups and Instant Ativities

Tennis Ball Beat: A warm up/set for heart activites.