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Inside this Newsletter:
PA Walkers Take Pittsburgh!!
Mr.“G” is now on the web
The Bone Zone & Muscle Mania
 Recycle, Reduce, Reuse...
Family and PE
Heart Smart ...
Summer Fitness Calendar


PA Walkers Take Pittsburgh...
    Our  PA Walkers Club tallied 555miles in our “FITitious” trip across PA.  The students have walked and jogged in Physical Education class.  The letters written and projects were sent to the other schools; including local Bucks County and Philadelphia facts.  We also received mail from several of the other schools.  The end of May, the Walkers arrived at the final PEpals schools near Pittsburgh.  Congratulations to All students in 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades who worked to add our to our miles total.
 Mr.“G” on the Web !! 
    Mr.“G” is now on the web, with a Physical Education page.  Next time you or your parents are out “surfing” the Internet, be sure to stop by to have some fun! !  The page has  trivia facts, a fitness challenge, program information,more Gym Shorts , lesson ideas &MORE.

“The Bone Zone!” & “ Muscle Mania!!” 
    Check with your students to see if they can tell you any bone names and locations.  Try asking your  3rd - 5th for one of the dozen or so muscles we worked on this year.

  Recycle, Reduce, Reuse... 
        Recycle, Reduce, Reuse...    We want your old stuff !  Remember to check the first
Gym Shorts of next school year to see what “junk” you can get rid of and we can use in the gymnasium.

Heart Smart 
        Heart Smart using Heart Monitors We are now fortunate to have several heart monitors for our students to use. With  them we are able to observe how  our level of activity effects students heart rates. The goal is to continue to grow in our understanding of our hearts and bodies. Special note; any person or company interested in helping out with a donation toward the purchase of a monitor, please contact Mr. “G"
    Thanks again, to the P.T.O. and a few parent  donations, we are fortunate to have a number of heart monitors for the students to use. These tools can help the children to see a direct correlation to the level of activity and their heart rate.  The monitors will be used in a variety of lessons primarily in the third, fourth and fifth grade classes. Students in first,second and kindergarten are introduced to the concept of the heart as a muscle. During the year, students
learn the approximate size of their heart, what it does, why we use a warm up and cool down during class, and how they can keep their heart healthy

Family and P.E. 
        Family and P.E.
Don’t forget to get out there and exercise with your students. Simply walking is great exercise and lots of fun.  Take
advantage of the summer. Remember to drink lots of water when you do exercise and stretch.

NEW ... 
Try out our summer fitness calendar!!!  Enjoy your vacation, see you next fall.