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GRADE: 1st/2nd 						CONTENT FOCUS: Nutrition

LESSON:			Nutrition #1

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:	To reinforce safe movement patterns through space and review nutrition.
			To work on fine motor skills.

SOCIAL SKILLS:		Interpersonal, following directions, cooperation

EQUIPMENT:		1.  Lesson plan		2. Plastic fruit 
3. Music & machine	4. Tennis ball (6)      5. Pyramid puzzle pieces	6.  whistle

INTRO/FOCUS/WARM UP:	Tag Along/Fruit Salad 
1.  Place students into 6 groups randomly.
2.  Give each group leader a tennis ball.
3.  Explain that to "tag along" means to go with.
4.  DEMO:The first person holds the tennis ball and the others follow.
5.  After a few steps the leader will give the ball to the second person in line, BUT  they continue to lead the group.
6.  The second person passes the ball to the next and so on, until the last person gets the ball.
7.  The last person now jogs to the front and becomes the new leader.
8.  This process continues until the teacher stops everyone(2-3 min.)
9.  Begin by allowing the groups to walk only.
10.  Once all the groups have the idea, have them trade the tennis ball for a piece of plastic fruit.  The game is now Fruit Salad.
11.  Continue, allowing students to lead in any way they wish except running.(3-5 min.)

a)  Always use your eyes to watch where you are going.
b)   Do not cut through any other line.
c)  Donít get to close to other boys and girls.
d)  Stop on the whistle(music).

*do not tell them the name, its a surprise
1.    Give the students a puzzle piece.
2.  On command, the students skip, jog, or gallop around the room.
3.  When the have finished they are to trade their puzzle piece with someone new.
4.  After trading the students MUST say "Thank You.".
5.  Each time they trade, they must go around the gym in order to trade again.
6.  They should also use a different method of travel(jog, skip, or gallop)
7.  After 2 minutes have the students try to find those students with the same color pieces and build their puzzle.
8.  HINTS: It has something to do with nutrition.
           It has something to do with the game Fruit Salad.
9.  Once a group thinks they have finished they should sit quietly and raise their hands.  If they shout out, they are disqualified!!
10.  Discuss the significance of the shape and the food pyramid.

Small top=less needed, big lower=more needed, which goes where?

1.  Each group should mix up their pieces and turn them upside down.
2.  On command they are going to work together to build the puzzle as fast as they can.
3.  RULES	#use only one hand # touch only one piece at a time
                #when finished raise hand quietly(or DQ)# start with both hands on head
4.  Play and then have students mix up puzzle.
5.  Stand and move clockwise to a new puzzle.
6.  Repeat the game, try this 2 or 3 times.(as time allows)
Remind the students of the important things you talked about dealing with the food pyramid. 


1.  What belongs in the top of the food pyramid?
2.  Which items go on the lower level?
3.  Where do fruits and veggies go?	
4.  Has anyone seen this pyramid anywhere besides class?

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