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Landfill Losers

K-6 Balls: Bounce passes, blocking
Environment, health,science
Large group activity

1. Divide the class into three groups of about equal size.
2. Have one group of players occupy a space between the other two groups.
    These players are known as the "landfill losers."
3. Discuss how landfills take up valuable space and sometimes create ground water
4. The object of this game is to keep "recycling" balls by passing them back and
    forth to each other without the land fill losers grabbing them and putting
    them in the ground.
5. The two groups on either side of the landfill losers will try to pass balls back
    and forth to each other without the losers getting them.  Balls may be thrown
    or bounced to each other, but no ball may go above the heads of the losers.
6. Balls that go above the heads of the losers become their property.
7. Play for a certain time limit, and count the number of balls at the end to see
    which team has more.
8. Switch jobs and try again.

 * respects the role that regular physical activity plays in the pursuit of
lifelong health and well-being  19

                                            I hope you like it!!     

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