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Content Area: MATH 
Classroom Content Being Taught: Math place values 
Purpose of Activity: The student will be able to identify the ones and tens values of a two digit number while at the same time working on their chasing, fleeing, and dodging skills. 
Suggested Grade Level: 1-2

Materials Needed: 50 index cards with a different two digit number on each side, 2 baskets or boxes, whistle/bell, cones/poly spots 
Description of the Activity
Each student in the class is given an index card with two different two digit numbers on it. Ask the students to spread out in a safe manner (at least arms length apart) in a line at one end of the playing area. Have two students without cards be in the middle of the playing area. They are the "Math Munchers". Their job is to catch the "numbered players" as they try to move from one end of the playing area to the other. 

To start the activity have the Math Munchers say "Math Munchers say send anyone with a "6" in the ones column over." Students with a match try to get to the other end of the playing area safely using locomotor skills. Good locomotor skills to use would be walking, skipping, hopping, sliding, galloping, etc. Students are NOT to run during this activity due to safety problems. If they make it without being tagged softly they get a point. 
Continue this procedure until all students have been called. When a student gets two points (or safe runs) they may go to the basket and trade for a new number card. Change the" Math Munchers" and repeat. Change the locomotor skills about every other move across the gym. 

Safety Tips: 

 Students must be a safe distance away from each other when they start from the end line. 
 Don't use WALLS as sideline or end lines for this game. In their effort to avoid being tagged students may run into the walls. 
 Stress cooperation and give feedback about their number recognition. 

** A modified version of this activity also submitted to PE Central.

Joseph Gallo 1995 copyright This material may not be used or duplicated for any profit driven enterprise.

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