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Scooter   Math


PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:To introduce scooter skills and to work on leg muscles, as well as review math skills.

SOCIAL SKILLS:Interpersonal, following directions, teamwork, cooperation

1.  Lesson plan		2. 16 scooters(or as many as needed)
3. Larger box		4. 10 Numbered boxes1-10 
5. Math flash cards	                      6. 8 cones
7. Music & machine

* Do 5+5 ski jumpers		* Try 2+2 jump ups
* Complete 3+7 mountain climbers  * How about 1+6 twists		
* Now try 4+8 half jacks
· How did you know how many exercises to do?
·When can we use addition besides in math class?
· Tell a friend one place that you could use numbers.

*Safety rules*
a)  Do not stand on the scooters
 b)Watch out for fingers (yours&others)
 c)  No bumping (not bumper cars)

1. Divide into eight groups of three or four.(sit behind a cone)
2.  Spread the numbered boxes around the room(in order for beginners)
3.  Place larger box in the center with flash cards inside(+/-/X)
4.  Give one scooter to each group.
5.  On command the first player scoots to the center box and takes a card.  In their head solve the equation.
6.  Next take the card to the appropriate box on the scooter
 (ex:1+2=?  " box #3")
7.  Player drops the card in the box and returns to group.
8.  Next player repeats the sequence.
9.  After a few minutes, send a student to each box to check the answers as a class.
10.  Keep all correct answers and return any incorrect to the center box.
11.  Now add a second scooter(if control is fine) to each group.
12.  Start the first group as before, allow a safe spacing and start the second scooter. This will allow for less "down time."
13.  Continue as above occasionally checking answers.
14.  You may also wish to vary the means of movement on the scooter.
15.  Possibly try completing two math cards before returning to group.
16.  I like to use music to start and stop things(Schoolhouse Number Rock is great and fun!!).

1.  Math wrap up, review skill worked on.
2.  Ask if their might be other games we could play and use math?
3.  Did you have to have a plan when we tried two cards at once?
4.  What muscles did you have to use to move?	

Joseph Gallo 1995 copyright This material may not be used or duplicated for any profit driven enterprise.

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