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Math   in   Motion   !!!

CONTENT FOCUS: Locomotor skills


PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:	To review locomotor skills, safe movement and review math skills.

SOCIAL SKILLS:		Interpersonal, following directions, teamwork, cooperation

EQUIPMENT:	1.  Lesson plan	                2. 75 +/-  math flash cards
3.  4 cones	4. 4 sets numbered cards1-10    5. Music & machine

INTRODUCTION/FOCUS:	Warm up:  Addition exchange
1.  Give each student a partner to work with.
2.  Give each pair a flash card.
3.  On signal students solve the problem and move a distance equal to the answer(ex: 2+2= four steps)
4.  For better readers use a type of movement listed on the back of the card.
1.  Divide into new pairs and assign a starting color.
2.  Next have pairs sit side by side behind matching color cone.
3.  Give each color a stack of coordinated flash cards.
4.  Allow students to take turns showing 2 cards each.
5.  Students should answer together. Repeat until all have tried.
6.  After practice choose a pair to demonstrate use of "life size" number line.  Show movement pattern.
7.  All pairs start at their color number "1."
8.  Choose a card and move to the corresponding solution(1+4= 5).
9.  Go slowly with a walk at first to get practice.
10.  Once all student pairs have completed ,vary locomotor.  Try jog, hop, skip, etc. Let better readers try variety of movements on back of cards.
11.  Continue for several minutes and turns, then move students to a new color number line and change partners within the group.
12.  You may wish to have more than one group per color moving on the number line.  I have the next group start when prior pair passes the number"5."(usually a third group is returning up the side simultaneously)

1.  Math wrap up, review skill worked on.
2.  Ask if their might be other games we could play and use math?
3.  What are the important parts of a skip? a  hop?  a jump? 
4.  What other ways could we have moved safely?	

Joseph Gallo copyright 1995 This material may not be used or duplicated for any profit driven enterprise.

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