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Silly   Shapes

GRADE: K                                               
CONTENT FOCUS: Shapes + movement 

LESSON: Silly Shapes Game 

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To reinforce safe movement patterns through space and review shapes. 

SOCIAL SKILLS:    Interpersonal, following directions,cooperation 

1.  Lesson plan         2. 30+ Shape cards(colors and shapes) 
3. Music & machine      4. Clothespins(or other to attach) 
**or Match Mate Vests(pocket pinnies) if available 

 1. Show the group one shape and ask those students who know it to raise their hand. 
2.  Have choral response after "think time" given. 
3.  Repeat for each of four shapes(circle, square,rectangle, triangle) 
4.  Try using the colors of the shapes.  Who knows….? 
5.  We are going to play a game using these shapes today. 

ACTIVITY PROCEDURE:     *Safety Rules* 
a)  Always use your eyes to watch where you are going. 
b)  Should we crash into the wall? No 
c)  Don’t get to close to other boys and girls 
d)  Stop on the whistle(music) 

1. Give the students a shape and clothespin to attach.(or Match Mates) 
2.  Demonstrate how to make your shape on the floor by walking. 
3.  Ask the students to begin to walk their shape on the floor, when they get it. 
4.  Remind them to use their eyes and to move safely without crashing. 
5.  After a minute or two have the students try different sizes of their shape. 
6.  Next after a few minutes try to change the method and/or speed of movement. 
7.  Continue for several more minutes, while circulating and giving input/encouragement. 
8.  On command have the students find those students with the same shape(ex: all circles sit together) 
9.  Give a Cheer-"CIRCLE!" Repeat for all the shapes.
10.  Have the students find someone with a different shape to work with. 
11.  Tell the students that they are now an expert on their shape. 
12.  Their job is to show this shape to their new partner.
13.  Follow the leader style, taking turns, the students will walk each others shape. (ex: circle and square, walk 1st one shape
then other) 
14.  Encourage changing the size, speed, and method of travel when showing the shapes. 
15.  On command have the students find those students with the same 
shape(ex: all circles sit together) Give a Shape Cheer-"CIRCLE!" Repeat for all the shapes. 
16.  Get a new partner who has a different color. You are still a shape expert.  Repeat follow the leader idea. 
17.  Now, on command have the students find those
students with the same color(ex: all blue sit together) Give a Cheer-"BLUE!"Repeat for all the colors. 


1.  Who was a shape expert today? Who was a circle expert?…. 
2.  Could you make shapes without moving?  Could you do it with a partner(s)? 
3.  Which shape did someone show you? 
4.  Did anyone see any crashes?  Why did they probably happen? 
5.  Could we do a better job of moving next time?

Joseph Gallo 1995 copyright This material may not be used or duplicated for any profit driven enterprise.