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Jog   Your   Memories

>>This activity will be used as both a mental and physical 
warm-up for physical education class.  I plan to use it early
in the year to work on the concepts of identity and belonging.
In addition, I added the idea of a JOG after an autograph to 
incorporate my subject, physicaleducation. 

Jog Your Memories

Try to locate someone who fills the following categories and have them
sign their autograph.Each time someone signs your sheet you must JOG a
"mini-lap" before getting a new signature.You may sign a persons paper
only one time, but you may sign many different peoples papers within 
the time limit.


 Has a birthday in October
 Takes karate lessons
 Has an older brother or sister
 Math is their favorite subject(besides gym of course)
 Loves to ski
 Has a bicycle they can ride
 Plays an instrument
 Likes pizza
 Plays a sport
 Works in the garden sometimes
 Has gone on vacation recently
 Has a favorite sports team
 Favorite color is blue
 Ate vegetables or fruit today(last 24 hours)
 Exercised outside of school this week
 Likes to dance
 Is wearing sneakers now
 Takes their pet for a walk
 Went to a different school before Edgewood
 Likes to listen to music
 Helped with housework/chores this week
 Has a favorite movie
 Did some type of exercise with a family member recently
 Would rather eat salad then...
 Likes to Rollerblade or skate board(with pads of course)

 Following the activity
 I will ask: "How many of these categories had to directly do
 with exercise.  Where there any others that could be considered
 exercise?  What did you think of this? 

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