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Pyramid   Puzzler   &   Pyramid   Races

Pyramid Puzzler				health: food pyramid

	I use this as a set for nutrition games.  Give each student 
a puzzle piece and ask them  to move around the play area.  They
 exchange their puzzle piece with another person and say 
"thank you."  You may not refuse a polite trade.  Continue trading 
with as many children as possible. After each trade, the student 
chooses a new locomotor skill to complete a "mini lap" before their 
next trade. 

Pyramid Races				health: food pyramid

	Using the pyramid puzzle pieces, the students are to build
 their puzzle.  I usually give the hint, " it has something to do 
with food."  Once the students have built the puzzle, have races 
to see which group can make the pyramid first.  Start with puzzle
 pieces upside down, mixed up and in a pile.  Next, have all 
children sit with 2 hands on head.  On command all work in mini 
teams (3-5) to build as quickly as possible.  They may use only 
1 hand and touch 1 piece at a time.  Sit when done. 

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