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Rover   Tag:   Shape   Rover   &   Math   Rover

Shape Rover					math: shapes
	Using the shapes mentioned above, the students will play a 
modification of a common tag game.  The students line up on one side
 of the play area with their shapes showing.  Two students are chosen
 to be the "taggers"; so they  go to the center of the play area.  
The object of the game is to reach the other side without being caught
.  The "taggers" call "Shape Rover, Shape Rover  send the (shape)s 
over."   All the students with the called shape try to get to the 
other side without being caught.  The "taggers" get a point for each
 person they get, but children keep running to the other side. 
Continue until all the shapes have been called, change "taggers" 
and repeat.  You may also add colors, or colors and shapes depending 
on group.  ** Make sure to have a safe stopping distance for all tag
 games.  Children run in one direction only during a given round.  
Once a child runs, they must wait until all have had a chance.

Math Rover		math: I.D.  addition/subtraction/odd/even 
	Same game as Shape Rover above,  instead using numbers in 
the vests.  With this game also try addition, subtraction, odd and
 even numbers.  The game can be played with or without the 
students wearing the numbers, but it is good for number recognition
 and kids love "props." 

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