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Super   Flag   Football

Super Flag Football: I choose to divide my classes into 4 groups to start. Next have all the kids put on flag belts for their group, I use 4 colors again. These groups will all get a chance to work together during the game. we play across half of a soccer field from sideline to sideline. The object is to get touchdowns as in regular football. You need to get to the end zone with at least one flag attached. The key is that I use several footballs per turn, 7-8 in fact. How it works is that two groups will be on defense and try to take the flags of the other two teams. While on offense the players may run and pass the ball as often and in any direction they wish. On command the offense starts on one side and tries to get to the other. If you lose 1 flag, you may still run with a ball. If you lose 2 flags you must put the ball on the ground. A ball which touches the ground is out of play. This is where the NO FUMBLES rule comes in effect. If the ball is put down it is no good, if the runner drops the ball, it is no good, and if a pass is incomplete the ball is no good. When the round is over I give one point for each flag a playerhas on as the get to the endzone. 1 flag= 1 point, and 2 flags = 2 points. The students soon try to build strategy to give a "2 flagger" the ball to score for the most possible points. Important rule> a player without the ball MAY NOT have flags taken. There is NO BLOCKING. There are INTERCEPTIONS. After the teams play, we switch offense and defense. Next we change the groups and mix the teams. Example: rd. 1 # 1 and # 2 vs. # 3 and # 4 rd. 2 # 1 and # 3 vs. # 2 and # 4. Have fun and modify as you see fit, send me any suggestions. Take care.

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