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Surf   the   Web   Name   Game

1. Explain that the students have been given permission to explore the "internet"
        of your classroom.  They are to try and get to as many links as possible.
2.    The children need to "Surf" carefully through the  net (gymnasium).
3.   Each time they stop at a link, their computer needs to remember the address
      and what information they found there.  For example: Bob = favorite color>blue
4.  Have the students walk around the play space without touching one another.
5.  When the music stops or on command all students stop/freeze.
6.  Next link with the person closest to you.
7.  Ask their name and their favorite color as you walk around the room.
8.  On command students should leave the link and begin "surfing" again.
9.  When the music stops the students should find a new link.
10.  This time find out the favorite food of your partner/link.
11.  Explain that computer links are stops on the internet.  The computer remembers 
        the information and can retrace their steps.
12.  Repeat the activity, each time using a new question to prompt conversation.
13.  On occasion ask the students to back track "x" links to their favorite color address.

Vary the locomotor skills that you use according to the students ability level.

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