"FACT"-TASTIC(22 OR MORE)                  "X"TREME (18-21)

AWESOME (13-17)                            SUPER (10-12)

GREAT( 7-9)                                ON TRACK( 3-6)

GOOD START(1-2)   Thanks for tyring, always remember to HAVE FUN !!!


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1. When were the the first modern Olympics held(year)?  What country 
      was the host to these games?

2. The 1996 Summer Olympics were held in what United States city?  
   What was the name of the mascot?

3.  What are the sites for the next summer games in 2000? How about 
    the winter games in 2002?

4. Do you know where the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame is located?

5. What is the distance between bases in the Major Leagues?  Is it the 
   same for a little league game?  

6. Where do they play the Little League World Series(hint it is in MY 
   home state)?

7.Who is credited with inventing the game of basketball?  What did he use
   for hoops?

8.How far away from the basket is the NBA  "3-point" arc?  Is it the same in college?

9. Which east coast NBA team has recorded the most championships?

10.How long is a regulation football?  Do you know the approximate weight?

11.Most people know the length of a football field is 120 yards including the endzone,
 but how wide is the field?

12. How high is the crossbar on a field goal post?  How tall to the top of the uprights?

13. The World Cup is played every 4 years, how many countries make the final  tournament?

14. What are the minimum and maximum length and width of a regulation soccer(football)  field?

15. Which country has won the most World Cup championships in soccer?

16. Which female gymnast was the first to receive a perfect "10?"  How old was she?
17. Name the female gymnast who was the 1st American women to win the All-around gold medal.
18. Can you name the mens gymnastics events?
19. Which of type of ice skating is like "ballet" and is judged?  Is there another type of 
Olympic ice skating? 
20. Who was the youngest female to win olympic gold in ice skating?
21. Name the 1st mens Olympic champion fro the United States.
22. Which four professional tennis tournaments are called the "grand slam" tournaments?
23. When was the United States Lawn Tennis Association founded?
24. Which American swimmer is credited with winning the most gold medals?
25. Name the four strokes used in the Olympics.  
26. What is the shortest distance that Olympic athletes swim?

>> NOW  I'll bet you want to know where to check your answers, right! 
 Well you don't get off that easy this time, you need to go to your local or school 
library and check them out in the reference section.