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Send any helpful hints,
 tips, ideas to me and 
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Questions ???

Can you help??
Q1> What neat ideas do 
you have for using/reusing
 flat kickballs?

Q2> Any ideas on how to use
 planting buckets other 
 than those mentioned above?

Q3> What ways do you use your
 "cage ball?" Omnikin? 
  Big earth ball ?

Links to PE ideas

Choosing Teams: Loads of ideas for getting into groups, teams, partners, etc.

Random PE ideas

1. You can use clothespins to attach signs to cones. 2. Skeleton(paper) and small bone signs to teach locations. 3. Pots from shrubs as markers, building blocks, small hurdles, for catching practice, as holders... 4. Broken hula hoops> place in cones as gateways, tunnels, golf holes (Cathy Beam) 5. Raise the pantleg of "non-throwing hand" as a reminder, which leg steps. (Cathy Beam) 6. Index Cards for taking role, keeping fitness stats, pulse rates, for making groups or choosing partners. 7. Use an easel at entrance of gymnasium to give instructions for warm up/set activities."Quick starters" or "instant activities." 8. Hand signals as alternatives to whistle> promotes eyes up safe movement, thinking skills(memory), more people friendly. 9. Meet and greet classroom teachers; ask what is up,what you might need to know, anything interesting going on in class, show interest and they may return the favor. 10.Have pencils in the gymnasium from day one so the students get used to doing written assessment type activites. 11.In Floor Hockey,use baseball sized wiffle ball filled with two plastic shopping bags stuffed into them using a pen. the ball has some weight and doesn't bounce.(Pe-talk or USPE listserve) 12. One strategy that I've tried for the electric slide (and it was great) was teaching it to them using sport terms. For example, say: "Does any- one know how Basketball players shuffle around the court? Can you show me?" Now you've got the kids shuffling right and left and thus the first part of the electric slide.(Pe-talk or USPE listserve) 13. If you have scooters and floor tape you can create a pathway on the floor for them to follow. It can have curves, loops, zig-zag sections, and straight a ways. (you could link this to your local area or Missouri by naming each section for some geographic spot.(Pe-talk or USPE listserve) 14. One of my major personal benchmarks is that I want all my students to have a proper throwing pattern when they leave elementary school. When teaching throwing. I put a picture of, yes you guessed it, Brett Favre on the wall. His arm is back in the proper throwing position and, of course his opposite foot is forward. My Banner reads if you learn to throw like Brett you can... (Kathleen Leadley WI)

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