Math Links

Math Muncher: run & chase game using math concepts
Scooter Math: scooter skills and math concepts
Math in Motion: numberline locomotor math
Silly Shapes: Using shapes for basic movement.
BASK"stat"BALL: Chart and graph skill statistics in basketball.
Shape Rover & Math Rover: A couple tag style games using shapes and numbers.
Bucketball : A basketball style lead up game where you can work on math.Carolyn Nelson(OH)

Science Links

Solar System Shuffle: locomotor skills and the planets
Solar System Shooters: basketball skills and the planets
Recycle Relay 1: a relay with a conscience
Landfill Losers: Cindy Kurasch's Recycling game using passing.
Surf The Web Name Game: A modification of a few get to know you games, with a 90's twist.

Health/Social Studies Links

Nutrition 1: Basic intro to food groups.
Movin'Maps: What are maps? How can we use them?
Muscle Match Mania: A relay race format to use the muscle names and corresponding exercisesand stretches.
Pyramid Puzzler & Pyramid Races: Short activities to use with the nutrition unit.
Front/Back/Middle ??: A quick warm up or review game using muscle names.

Reading/Language Arts Links

PE Central Integrated Activities: Lots of great lessons and ideas, updated frequently.