GYM SHORTS    Vol. #5
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What We Do In Gym Class 

     FUN is our main mission in our Physical Education classes at Edgewood.  It is
only natural to choose to do things we enjoy over those we do not.  Time is a
precious thing and there never seems to be enough.  The challenge is to have our
students feel that exercise is worthy of the time it takes.  Our program targets
individual levels for success and shows fitness can be fun; we want the kids
to know it!!
    Each student is given the opportunity to experience a variety of activities,
including traditional sport skills as well as more learner-centered skills and
games.  Cooperative learning and team building classes are included to mirror
many necessary life skills.  Understanding how to get the most from our mind
and body is important to a healthy future.

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 Getting Ready for Play 

  What should your student wear?
  > Pennsbury requires students wear sneakers for physical education.
  > Tie and velcro sneakers are  best for safety.  Avoid slip-on styles.
  >  Sandals, “jellies,” boots and and shoes with hiking boot-type bottoms are
      not acceptable or safe.
  >  Dresses and skirts should not be worn on gym day ,even with shorts
      underneath; they can cause safety problems.
  >  Remember that you child will be playing in whatever clothes they

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Excuse Notes 

 In the event of sickness or illness, students should bring in a note.  If the
child has been to a doctor and will miss more than one class, a copy of the doctor
note should be sent.  The note should detail the situation and when
feasible, estimate the return date.  A student who becomes sick and is not
under the care of a doctor can bring a note from their parent/guardian.  A
note should also be sent  to notify when a student is able to return to
activity and any limitations.

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Program Goals 

1) Target individual success by offering a variety of levels, options
and choices.
2) Communicate the need for regular exercise and the benefits of a
healthy lifestyle.
3) Teach the cognitive and affective along with the physical student.
Through the use of integration, many classroom topics can be reinforced
using a physical approach.
4) Develop a positive self-concept, while enhancing appropriate social
and emotional behavior.  In addition, learn appreciation for individual
5) Understand the rules, principles, skills and strategies of games,
movement and dance.

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     There are two different report cards in physical education: onecovers first,
second, and third grades and the other is for fourth and fifth.  All students
earn grades based on similar criteria: respect for the teacher and other
students, playingfairly, sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, effort, being
prepared for activity, skillwork and following directions. Students in third,
fourth, and fifth grades receive a daily grade of between one and five points each
class period.  The number value is based on the previous criteria.  In
addition to the daily scores, home activities, testing, assessments and any in
class work is compiled.

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Mr.“G” is on the web, with a Physical Education page.

    Next time you and your parents are out “surfing” the internet, be sure
to stop by to have some fun! !  The page has  trivia facts, fitness challenges,
program information, past Gym Shorts , sample lesson ideas & MORE !!!

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Expanded Walkers Club Returns in  98-99 

    Last year, we started a fitness club, called the PA Walkers.  The 3rd, 4th
and 5th grades all walked periodically  in PE class to compile laps which
were converted into miles.  The miles were then recorded on a very large
map of PA (made by Mrs. Ebeling), to keep track of our progress. The 4th
graders sent letters, cards, PA and Bucks County projects and information.
They received letters, notes, postcards, and a “Flat Stanley” from Pittsburgh
in return. This year we hope to expand the PEnpal activities to other grades.
In fact we will be participating in a program with 30 schools from Canada
and the U.S. to send a traveling stuffed animal from school to school to visit
with students and take part in their school day. In addition I am looking for
help to reestablish the recess walkers club.  A few years ago parents had
started a walkers group which went around a measured loop to collect
mileage.  This loop was about 1/4 mile and the kids were given a popsicle
stick for each lap they completed.  These laps were added to their individual
total and the group.

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Heart Awareness and Heart Monitors 

    Thanks again, to the P.T.O. and a few parent  donations, we are fortunate to
have a number of heart monitors for the students to use. These tools can help
the children to see a direct correlation to the level of activity and their heart
rate.  The monitors will be used in a variety of lessons primarily in the third,
fourth and fifth grade classes. Students in first,second and kindergarten are
introduced to the concept of the heart as a muscle. During the year, students
learn the approximate size of their heart, what it does, why we use a warm up
and cool down during class, and how they can keep their heart healthy

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Family and P.E. 

        Time is a valuable commodity to all families.  Balancing academic, social,
and personal needs is difficult.  Use of a  family activity can be both fun and
rewarding !  Try to get out and exercise with your student, go for a walk when
you review vocabulary and spelling.  Invent new ways to study math or science
while using a ball.  For example, ask your child to throw and catch 3 “times”
2  in a row, or score a basket by six instead of two to practice multiplication
tables. Good Luck, have fun and  stay healthy. Please read the monthly Edgewood
newsletter for upcoming events, activities and more Gym Shorts!!

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